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About Equestrian Specialties
Equestrian Specialties began by designing equipment bags to meet the specific design needs for the Dressage enthusiast's boots, bridles, saddles, and show clothes. Today Equestrian Specialties has expanded to a large line of merchandise including beautiful horse blankets, tack room accessories, decorative pillows and mugs, and a variety of printed and embroidered cardigans and jackets. 

Many customer-inspired designs have led to a unique and growing collection of equine merchandise. Because I am the designer, as well as the seamstress, any specific need, color, or design can be made to order. Contact me to design that special something just for you!

I'm Sheryl DeWeerd, founder and designer of Equestrian Specialties. I will be the person talking, texting, emailing, or responding to you on Facebook or Instagram; in general, helping you with your order from start to finish. I am also the person who will be cutting out, stitching together, ordering embroidery, smiling at how great your order turned out and shipping your order to you on time!